Explore a strange world that's made for monsters.


What is The Abnormal Place??

The Abnormal Place is a exploration adventure game about Abigail, a young woman who has lost her voice and has found herself in a strange resort and hotel inhabited by monsters. Abigail must recover her voice and navigate through the hostile world or she'll be forever trapped.

What do I do?

  • Survive and explore the Resort and Hotel grounds.
  • Platforming and item collection.
  • Find your voice by collecting Voice Fragments.
  • Talk to the Hotel's guests.
  • Help the guests with whatever they desire.
  • Find a way home.

Monsters, you'll encounter quite a few of them but Abigail will need to be able to confidently speak up to get their attention. You'll need to collect the fragments of your voice that have been scattered around the world in order to talk to each of them. They're odd and sometimes rude creatures and they'll send you off on an absurd requests but help them out and they may give you something valuable in return.

Eventually you'll discover a way to the top of the Hotel where The Manager will determine your fate!