Cook That Game

Youtube channelWeekly/Monthly 

A youtube channel co-production with Next Wave Flave Productions about board games and cooking and the enjoyment and sharing of these combined experiences.

Cook That Game launched in March 2020 on Youtube and has monthly content featuring:

  • 1 x Serving Up. A long form multi-camera board game video (45-55mins)
  • 1 x Read The Manual. Where our resident chef Tasia gives Sam instructions on how to cook a meal, with some hilarious alterations. (30mins)
  • 1 x Sam Has Opinions. A short video about all things relating to board games (5-8 mins)
  • 1 x Tasia Makes Dinner. A medium length where Tasia cooks a meal and talks about her experiences as a chef and other things. (15mins)

Previous videos featured:

  • 1 x How to Cook. A cooking discussion video about how to cook centered around the themes from the previous fortnight's Serving Up video. (15-20mins)
  • 1 x Quick Fixes. A medium length video about cooking a simple 15 minute meal and discussing a board/card game. (15mins)

Cook That Game - Youtube Channel